Important information about COVID vaccine - please read carefully

COVID vaccination at Sheehans Medical Centre has commenced.

Booking is now live.

Due to the likelihood of highly congested phone lines, please use online booking where possible.


Prior to making a booking, please ensure you read the entire information listed on this page.

Please bookmark / visit this page regularly for the latest update, as government advice frequently changes.  


The newest directive (8/4/2021) from the Australian health authority is that the current COVID vaccine (COVID19 vaccine AstraZeneca) should only be administered to people age 50 years or over.  If you are under 50 years of age, you should not be vaccinated unless specifically instructed by your doctor.


The phase 2a rollout is due to commence on 17/5/2021.  Anyone age 50 years or above may book now for a vaccination appointment from this date.



About COVID19 vaccine AstraZeneca

The COVID vaccine is free and the vaccination service will be bulk-billed for all eligible patients with a medicare card.  (Please note: if you are eligible but do not have a medicare card you cannot be vaccinated at this clinic.  You'll need to attend a Respiratory Clinic or state vaccination clinic to get vaccinated)


The vaccine is given as 2 doses, 12 weeks apart. The vaccine cannot be given within 14 days of another vaccine (including the flu vaccine)


The vaccine is effective. It reduces the risk of catching COVID by up to 82% (The Lancet 2021). Current evidence suggests it's up to 100% effective in preventing severe COVID related hospitalization and death after 2 doses.


In terms of safety, mild side effects including fatigue, headache, nausea, chills, muscle and joint aches are very common and should start to improve within the course of 1 to 2 days after vaccination. Severe side effects such as anaphylaxis are extremely rare, occurring at a rate of 1 patient per 100,000.


There has been much controversy about a rare clotting disorder called Thromobosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) and whether COVID19 vaccine AstraZeneca may cause it.  TTS is a severe illness which occurs rarely after vaccination (2 to 10 cases per million doses).  The problem appears to occur more commonly in the younger age group.  After examining available evidence, the Australian health authority has advised that vaccination should continue for people aged 50 years and above, as the potential benefits of vaccination in this age group far outweigh potential harm.  People under 50 years old, as well as those patients with a history of CVST (Central venous sinus thrombosis) or HIT (herparin induced thrombocytopenia) should not have the current vaccine (COVID19 vaccine AstraZeneca) and should instead wait for alternative vaccines For further information please refer to the TGA statement, and this article.  If you have any concerns or feel uncertain about having the vaccine please ensure to discuss this with your regular GP or one of the GPs here, prior to consenting and booking for vaccination.



Eligibility criteria

Important:  Please do not book for vaccination if you are under 50 years of age.


In the current phase 1b rollout, to be eligible you need to be aged 70 years or older, or between the age of 50-69 if you have a chronic illness.  Other eligible groups include:

* health care workers
* Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults over 55 years

* critical and high risk workers, including Australian Government officials about to be deployed overseas on official government business.


The phase 2a rollout is due to commence on 17/5/2021.  Anyone age 50 years or above may book now for a vaccination appointment from this date.


If you are unsure whether you are eligible please use the COVID19 vaccine eligibility checker, or ask your doctor.


If you are a new patient to our clinic, please ask your regular doctor to issue you a letter to confirm that you are eligible and medically suitable to be given the COVID vaccine.  In addition, please ask your doctor to issue a health summary detailing your medical conditions, medications and allergies, and bring these documents with you to the vaccination appointment.


Where applicable, on the vaccination date please bring along your proof of occupational eligibility, or if this is not available, a completed official eligibility declaration form.


Before booking a vaccination appointment you'll need to have completed and submitted a prevaccination questionaire and consent form

This can be performed online here

Alternatively you can obtain a physical paper copy at our clinic, or download a copy here, to be printed and completed manually and return to our office.


We strongly advise that, in the process of consenting for vaccination, you should make an appointment to discuss with your regular doctor about any concerns that you may have, before finally signing the consent form.


Please note: A COMPLETED CONSENT FORM is an absolute prerequisite requirement before you can book a vaccination appointment

Your vaccination appointment will be deemed invalid / cancelled if we don't have a completed consent form.



Additional requirements for new patients to the clinic requiring COVID vaccination

1) A letter of approval from your regular GP stating that you are eligible and medically suitable to be given the COVID19 vaccine.
2) A health summary from your GP, listing all your current and past medical conditions, medications and allergies. 
3) You must bring these documents on the day of vaccination to show the doctor.
4) If these documents are not available (eg. if you don't have a regular GP) then you must make a face to face appointment with one of our GPs here to discuss if you are medically suitable for vaccination, prior to booking a COVID vaccine appointment.  This consult will be bulk billed.
5) On top of these documents you will still have to do the usual checklist and consent form here.
Once you've completed the above requirements you can then book your COVID vaccination appointment.



Vaccination appointments

Please remember that, as a prerequisite to booking an appointment, you will need to have completed and submitted a consent form online or on paper.  Please seek medical advice from your regular GP if you have any concerns or queries.


After submitting your consent form you may make a vaccination appointment.


Due to the likelihood of highly congested phone lines, please use online booking for vaccination where possible.



On the day of vaccination
Do not attend if you have a fever, or are unwell with an acute illness.  Please inform us to cancel your booking as soon as you become aware.


Please arrive on time. Allocated time is for COVID vaccination only. There will be no time to address other medical concerns. Separate appointments has to be arranged for these.


After vaccination you will be kept at the clinic for observation for 15 minutes (30 minute if you have a history of severe allergy / anaphylaxis).  Some information on what to do and expect after vaccination may be found here.


If you develop severe persistent headache with an onset after the initial 2 days after vaccination, which does not respond to paracetamol, please seek urgent medical advice.  Other symptoms which should prompt urgent medical review include new onset confusion and abdominal pain.  If you are unsure about your symptoms please contact us or use the COVID-19 vaccine side effects symptom checker.


Paracetamol may be effective for managing mild side effects of the vaccine. Please seek medical advice if you develop more severe or persistent side effects.



Coronavirus Alert


If you have any cold and flu symptoms (such as runny nose, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, a loss of smell or taste, or fever), you should undertake a diagnostic swab at a COVID-19 testing centres.  Many of these are 7 days a week drive through centres, and do not require referral.  The locations of these centres may be found at


Even if you don't have infective symptoms, in order to reduce risks of transmission, we request that all patients should wait in the car park where possible.  When you arrive at the car park, please call 98771200 to check into our system.  Then please wait in your car until we call you.


Please note that it's our policy that everyone (including children, but excluding infants) must wear face masks inside the clinic.  You will not be allowed entry if you do not have a face mask on.


When you arrive inside the clinic, please check your temperature at the temperature self check counter and sanitize your hands.




If you have an infection, please book a telehealth appointment.


Please note:

To qualify for medicare rebates, you will need to have seen a doctor here face to face within the last 12 months.


If you have seen a doctor here face to face in the last 12 months, and qualify for concession (ie. if you have a pension / HCC / DVA gold card, or for children under 16 y.o.), you will continue to be bulkbilled for in hours consultations.


Private fees applies to all non-concessional telehealth consults. 


For more details on fees please refer to


All fees must be paid at the time of consultation.




Online Booking for GPs and doctors in Blackburn

For your convenience, you can now book online to see our doctors.


Specialist / allied health service (eg. physiotherapy, podiatry, dietetics, surgery and echocardiography) are available at the clinic but these services can only be booked by calling the clinic.


Our online booking system is facilitated by a third party app called HotDoc.  You can find HotDoc's privacy policy here.  Please note, by proceeding with online booking, you are implicitly agreeing to do so via this third party app.