Sheehans Medical Centre has a strong tradition of disease prevention because we believe prevention is always better than cure.  So we recommend an annual Heart Health Check for everyone over the age of 30.  The Heart Health Check is a 20-minute check-up with your GP to assess your risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the next five years.  It's an important step for you to take to protect your health.


Why should you get a Heart Health Check?  

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia. Many heart attacks and strokes can be prevented through healthy behaviours like eating a heart healthy diet, being active, maintaining a healthy weight and being smoke free. Many people may not know their risk of developing heart disease, especially since you often can’t feel risk factors like high blood pressure and cholesterol. Having a Heart Health Check is an important first step to protecting your heart.

Who needs a Heart Health Check?  

If you are 30 and over and do not already have heart disease, you are eligible for an annual Heart Health Check under Medicare. 

For more information, please watch this video and read this brochure produced by the National Health Foundation.


Please book a Heart Health Check online now! 

On the booking page, please book "Heart Health Check"

After medicare rebate ($76.95) the out of pocket cost of a heart health check is $30 to $65 depending on the duration and complexity of the check.  Pensioners are bulk billed.  


Don't delay because it can save your life!