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Doctors working at Sheehans have been serving the Blackburn, Blackburn South community for many years.

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Important notice


As you may be aware from the news, general practice is going through a rough time due to rising practice costs and stagnant Medicare rebates. There’s an increasing trend that many general practices have become, or will become, financially unviable and consequently have to close doors.


In order to keep our doors open and keep on looking after patients, we’ve come to the difficult conclusion that our private fees policy must be adhered to more strongly and consistently.  


Private fees will be charged for all consultations except for pensioners and children under 16 years of age.  The out of pocket expense of each consultation will range between $40 to $80 depending on the length of consultation.


For the full table of fees please refer to our fees section.


Policy on COVID-19

In order to reduce risks, we request that all patients wait in the car park where possible.  When you arrive at the car park, please call 98771200 to check into our system.  Then please wait in your car until we call you. 
Please note that it's the clinic's policy that everyone (including children, but excluding infants) must wear face masks inside the clinic.  You will not be allowed entry if you do not have a face mask on.
When you arrive inside the clinic, please check your temperature at the temperature self check counter and sanitize your hands.
For your safety, air purifiers are installed in every room to cover the entire indoor space of the clinic, to reduce risk of transmission of respiratory infections including COVID-19


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About Sheehans Medical Centre

Sheehans Medical Centre provides tenancy and administrative support to a group of independent practising doctors, each with a high degree of autonomy, but sharing a strong common purpose and ethical focus to care for patients in need.  The medical centre is accreditated by AGPAL to the absolute highest standard. 


The doctors working at Sheehans are all locally trained, vocationally registered GPs and fellows of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP). They regularly undertake continual medical education to ensure the delivery of best quality care.


On offer here is the full spectrum of health services, and a strong focus to serving your health needs. The commitment is to listen to you with attention and interest, to contemplate and investigate your issues with rigour and determination, and to take the responsibility of looking after your health very seriously.  


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