Online Booking

Your online booking will be done via HotDoc.  You can find HotDoc's privacy policy here.  Please note, by proceeding you are implicitly agreeing to do so via this third party app.

We would like to give you the appropriate amount of time and attention required for your problems, so please book a long appointment if you need more than one issue discussed.


To keep everyone safe

If you have a respiratory infection, please book a telehealth appointment.  Alternatively, if you need to see the doctor face to face, please remain in your car when you arrive, and call 98771200 to check in.  The doctor will call you when it's your turn to be seen.


To further reduce risks, air purifiers are installed in every room to cover the entire indoor space of the clinic.  We request that everyone (including children, but excluding infants) to wear face masks inside the clinic.  Please also check your temperature at the counter and sanitize your hands.


Telehealth consultation can be conducted via telephone or video.  Please note: There are many medical problems which cannot be fully addressed via telehealth.  In these cases, the doctor will do as much as possible via telehealth, and then ask you to come to the clinic, either on the same day, or on a separate day, to complete the assessment and management of your issues.


Please note:  private fees applies to all telehealth consults except for pensioners and children under 16.  To qualify for medicare rebates you will need to have seen a doctor here face to face within the last 12 months.